Thursday, December 8, 2011

Explosion Today - Weekend

I thought I survived an Earthquake today but it wasn't one. At about 11 today I was in my classroom.. luckily with no one else, working on the computer when a huge really loud explosion went off. It was followed by the sound of shattering glass but it didn't compare to the sound of the explosion. I started walking away from the windows thinking it was an Earthquake but noticed everyone running outside to see the glass. The classroom below mine had one of its windows completely shatter and fall out onto the cement from the wave of the explosion. Apparently ammunitions.. gun powder and grenades, were accidentally lit off at a specialized police training center north of our school during a training session. After I heard everything I went outside and you could see the top of the mushroom cloud fading away and a lot of smoke. 4 people died and 10 were injured and a school closer to it had the same thing happen with some injuries. It happened probably less than 1km away. It was pretty crazy.. no one had any idea what was going on and eventually they went over the loud speaker and said that everything was fine at the school and that there wouldn't be an evacuation. 
After school we went to Mariscal to get some things at a small market and then stayed there to watch the Liga soccer game. It's a smaller local team in Ecuador and they played for the championship so everyone was going crazy at the bars. 
We also decided that we are going to the jungle this weekend! Pretty last minute but were going on a two day tour leaving tomorrow night and getting back Sunday. The elementary part of the school is having a Christmas party tomorrow afternoon and I got invited.. I guess because I'm the only student teacher in secondary and all the other ones are in elementary.. but were leaving after that and taking a  bus to Banos where we were a few weekends ago (Hopefully the volcano nearby doesn't explode!) We spend the night there and then the guides pick us up in Banos Sat. morning and take us 1.5 hours away to the edge of the jungle. We going to do some hiking mostly but its all guided and we will get to see some pretty cool things I think.

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  1. Glad to hear you are ok. That explosion sounds like it was a crazy thing. Stay safe this weekend...and have fun! Pam