Monday, December 5, 2011

Bullfights and some of the Weekend

Last Wednesday night we went to the bullfights. It was cool to go to and experience but its pretty much the same thing over and over again... Someone stabs the bull and then stands in front of it as it comes at them.. and stabs it again. It is pretty crazy though and entertaining... and there's lots of blood. Once the bull comes out usually two guys on horses would stab it first to get it mad.. one time after the guy stabbed it, the bull knocked over the horse and the guy on it... it kept ramming its head into the horse but they were both fine after it stopped. There were seven fights and once their done, the matador either gets 1 or 2 of the bull's ears plus the tail depending on how well he did. Only one time the guy got two ears.. people next to us said they were not very good bullfights but I didn't know the difference it was fine.
Friday I only had two classes and each class had only half the students because most were at the bullfights that afternoon for Fiesta de Quito. I guess they were good ones and since we have a long weekend anyway the parents just pull them out early.
All this weekend people are partying for the Fiesta up until Tuesday. The streets in the town of Mariscal were completely packed Friday and Saturday night.. we went there both nights but not for very long since it was so busy. Saturday during the day we went to a big market two hours away in Otovalo. Me and Peter took the bus and then met Meghan and her host family there. Her host family is really cool. We shopped for a while and got some lunch there and then it started raining really hard and the bus station was a little ways away so all 6 of us packed into the car on the way home. It was a tight ride.. but we stopped halfway and got some food. The market is huge though.. you could get lost when your in the middle of it.. but they pretty much all sell the same or similar things. I'll post on the trip to Papallacta soon.. I forgot my camera so I have to get the pictures from Meghan or Peter soon anyway.
Pictures of bullfight:

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