Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1st and 2nd Day in Galapagos

We left Quito at 7 am Tuesday morning.. flew out at 915 and had to stop in another city for about an hour. We got to Galapagos at about 1:00 Tuesday afternoon. The airport and getting to Puerto Arroyo was chaotic but we made here around 2ish. We went to the Charles Darwin Center and walked around town for a while. We saw some land iguanas and tortoises at the Darwin center and then a fishing market down the road from our hotel that they were just bringing in from the sea. Today (Wednesday) we took a snorkeling tour around Santa Cruz island. Got to see some blue footed boobies and sea lions up close but the current was to strong to swim with the sea lions. At another spot we swam with sea iguanas and sea turtles. Then we hiked to a small lagoon and then to Tortuga beach which was about a two hour walk there and back. It was beautiful though. Unfortunately we didnt take the digital camera today so we dont have pictures I can post.. which was a mistake so we only have pictures on the water camera. Tomorrow we go to Bartolome island to see penguins and do some more snorkeling and we'll take the camera! Here's some pictures from yesterday. (Yes Felix, I said hello to Mr. Darwin for you!)


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  1. It looks warm...what is the temp there?