Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday and Pictures

Here's a link to pictures.. I hope it works.!cpZZ1QQtppZZ16

Putting up pictures on here doesnt work that well and takes a long time. Today I woke up to no one home except two workers finishing some thing on the house. The one worker knew what my breakfast was and I found out later he is like a maid.. he does dishes, works on the house, and will take my clothes to be dry cleaned. I had toast with smuckers peanut butter and jelly.. the kind thats all mixed together in one bottle.. but it was really good. Then I did some things for school and then ate lunch at 1 which was a really thin steak with rice and a salad of avacado, beans, and onions... it was all very good. In Ecuador they eat a big lunch instead of a big dinner like in the States. Then JuanFrancisco took me to pick up Katy and we went to a town in Quito called Murisucral.. I think. But there are a lot of little shops and small bars so we went to a few. Then we went to the old part of Quito.. the historical and central part. We went to a huge catholic church and went inside for a dollar. The ceilings were really tall.. like 70-80 feet high or more with stained glass everywhere. It was really interesting to see. Some people go there to pray throughout the day but otherwise its pretty much empty except on holidays maybe. Then we walked to Ecuadors "white house".. where the president lives. I think there was a protest going on because there were lots of people yelling something and a ton of police around with guns and shields. We took some pictures and then left just in case something happned but it was cool to see. The cab ride home was not soo good. It took over an hour becuase he didn't know how to get to my house. He would stop and ask random people on the streets directions and then try to talk to me in spanish which didnt work.. it was a little scary for a bit but I finally made it home. Tomorrow we leave for Mindol at 815 am. We take a 2 hour bus ride to the town and do some exploring. Hopefully you can figure out what the pictures are.. its hard to write descriptions for all of them!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


So I made it to Ecuador! The flight in was an hour late but everything went fine. Customs went well and I left the airport to find my family yelling my name. The entire family (except one brother) came to meet me. Alba is the mothers name, Santiago the father, Maria the daughter, JuanFrancisco the oldest son, and David is the younger son. We left the airport to go to Pizzza Hut. The food was pretty normal but Pizza Huts here are a lot nicer. JuanFrancisco and Alba speak english the best out of the whole family but they still speak mostly in spanish so I'm trying to pick up on a few words. We got to their house at maybe 10 at night. They live in a gated community. There are only two entrances to the neighborhood and both with security guards. The houses are pretty close to each other but they have a small backyard. They are up on a small ridge above the city of Quito so you can see some of the city below you when you look out the window. The house is very nice, they renovated a lot of it. I have my own room and bathroom. The bathroom is all brand new, new sink and really nice shower... nothing like I've seen before. I'll put up pictures soon hopefully... there internet is currently out. The altitude wasn't really a big deal. I noticed a little shortness of breathe but didn't feel sick at all. My bed is pretty big but also pretty hard. I slept until about 10:30 Sunday morning. Alba made me eggs with ham and tomotoes in them.. it was really good and a lot like home. I had coffee and some fruit called babaca.. it tastes like a mix between an orange and a pear but really sweet and really good. The coffee is columbian but its just like cocoa powder because you just mix it with hot water. After breakfest Alba took me and Maria to the supermarket to get some groceries. Its a lot like a family fare.. they have pretty much everything. I didnt think everything would be so similar to the States but it pretty much is... except the language and driving. After the supermarket we went to pick up David's girlfriend and their daughter. David (22) and his girlfriend have a 7 month old daughter. She is very cute and the whole family adores her. Once we got back home we weren't home long as me and JuanFrancisco had to go back to town because David left his phone at a store. This was another interesting driving experience. JuanFrancisco (27) drives like everyone else.. no care for stop lights usually and you just honk to get someone out of the way. We were supposed to pay a toll to go on one road but we just went 30 mph through the checkpoint. That road winded around the mountains and we were going about 60 mph weaving through traffic.. it was quite an experience. When we got back we ate lunch with the whole family.. chicken, rice, potatoes, salad and more fruit. They have homemade hot sauce but its really not that hot.. I think its just mayo and something else so its a little spicy. A few hours after lunch we went to the mall to get me a cell phone. It was 55 dollars and then I just pay whenever I need minutes. Its only a few cents for a call to a cell phone in ecuador. We hung out at the mall for a while and went to  a few stores. Me and JuanFrancisco played the Ecuadorian lotto.. I didnt win but he won a few times and bought more tickets until he finally lost. We went with the whole family and a family friend Michelle. Her mom works at the school I will teach at next week Monday. I also got some sunscreen and bugspray for a trip me and the two other GV girls are going to on Tuesday. They were both more expensive than in the US. On Tuesday we are going to the town of Mindol. We are staying at a hostel (basically a small hotel) that one of the teacher's owns. Were staying until Thursday and going ziplining through the forests and some hiking to waterfalls. Also they call it the "Cloud Forest" because at some times during the day its covered in clouds. When we got back to the house after the mall we ate some corn with cheese and hot sauce on it. Its not like sweet corn.. its bigger kernals and tastes like popcorn when you put cheese on it. We also drove around the old part of town where there are huge catholic churches on almost every corner. It was very rustic and authentic. After we ate, Santiago showed me around the outside of the house and some additions he put on. Then me and JuanFrancisco watched some TV show called Top Gear on his projector that projects a huge screen on his wall. They dont have regular TV right now but he downloads this show I guess. Then I wrote this and plan to go to bed soon. Not sure what tomorow has in store.. probably meet up with Meghan and Katy who go to GV. Meghan and her family actually live only a few houses down from me. I'll try to get some pictures up soon and tell about my trip.